Jeffrey L. Griffin, D.C.
Bailiwick Office Campus
252 W. Swamp Rd., Suite 26
Doylestown, PA 18901


Much more than chiropractic!

We provide the latest chiropractic techniques and therapies to treat your spinal misalignments.


Much more than chiropractic!

We use plant-based enzymes to relieve stress and imbalance caused by nutritional deficiencies.


Much more than chiropractic!

We have a team of partners who provide a variety of therapeutic services to meet your needs.

Discover our blended approach to healing,
with chiropractic as the cornerstone.

At the Center for Natural Healing, we take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. Throughout life, we are exposed to the effects of both acute and chronic stress. This stress may be due to a physical injury, poor nutrition or emotional trauma that results in progressively negative effects upon our body. Gone unchecked, stress creates nutrient depletion and exhaustion, abnormal muscular tension and musculo-skeletol complaints with distinctive symptoms. These conditions are described as Functional Disorders.

In addition to chiropractic therapies, we specialize in the Loomis System of healthcare offering a natural, proven approach to healing using plant-based enzymes. Known worldwide, Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr., has trained hundreds of doctors and practitioners in this system which has resulted in major health improvement to thousands of people.

Dr. Griffin combines his over 30 years of clinical chiropractic methods with a thorough understanding of enzyme nutrition to his Doylestown practice, bringing you one of the most comprehensive systems of healthcare available in the area.

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